Lavender Jade

During my trip to Myanmar, I found some of the world’s oldest Amber but that wasn’t the only beautiful gemstone that I returned with.

There is a wonderful selection of Jade in Burma, in all sorts of vibrant colours. The Chinese buyers who were at the market at the same time as my group were only interested in green jade, as they love its aesthetics, properties and social value in the country.

So, left behind was lavender and ice Jade. They are hotly sought after in the UK and I managed to return with a small quantity, for my customers. Lavender jade is a beautiful pale lilac in colour, whilst ice jade (also known as glass jadeite) is a much translucent in appearance.

As there was a lot less interest in those colours of Jade and because I managed to get them directly, I could buy them for a fraction of the price and in turn, pass that saving directly on to my customers.

These varieties of Jade are perfect for wearing day to night and I love showing customers how to style them. They are a completely natural colour and my clients receive a lot of comments, when they wear them, as they make up into stunning and unusual jewellery.

I’m looking forward to more travel throughout 2018 as it’s important to me that my gemstones are selected by me personally and sourced ethically. To see the latest in the collection, take a look at my gallery.

Ametrine and Lavender Jade