Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for getting a piece commissioned?

Using either our gems, or your own, we will guide you through the options for creating a beautiful piece of jewellery designed especially for you. Your individual requirements and life style will be discussed, so that the gemstones in your piece can be displayed to full advantage whilst protecting them from potential damage during day-to-day wear.

Once the design has been agreed, and pricing for both gem and manufacture finalised, you will be asked to confirm your agreement to the commission by signing our order form confirming your agreement to our terms and conditions in supplying the jewellery you are ordering and by paying 50% of the final price in advance. The 50% remaining balance is due when you receive the finished piece and it is to your complete specification.

All our jewellery is handmade by our expert British goldsmiths. Close consultation and attention to detail are important elements of our service. Each piece of jewellery is carefully made to optimise the physical properties of its gemstones and is unique.

From start to finish, how long does the process take for a piece of jewellery to be designed?

As each piece is unique this will depend on a number of factors such as the availability of stones and detail in the design. If you have a date in mind that you need it, please let us know. As a rough guide, the minimum time required is eight weeks.

How much does it cost to commission something?

This depends on the piece, but we will work according to your budget and requirements to ensure your piece of jewellery meets your expectations.

After the jewellery has been designed, what happens next?

The stones and design will be sent to one of our expert goldsmiths where it will be handmade to your specifications.

What types of metal are used for the jewellery?

We work in platinum, palladium, 18, 14 & 9 carat white and yellow gold and silver. All our jewellery is made in the UK and is hallmarked at one of the Assay Offices in Edinburgh, Birmingham or London.

Help! I don’t know a lot about gemstones, can you advise me?

Of course! When you get in touch we will be delighted to explain all the many options available in gemstones. There is so much choice available we are bound to come up with some super ideas to suit your taste and budget. You can call in or make an appointment if you want more time with Helen. The shop phone number is 01242 604141, or you can e-mail Please check on the SHOP page for our latest opening hours.

Can my own stones be used?

Yes, we are happy to advise on how your own gems can be used. We love creating spectacular jewellery with our customers’ stones and are happy to advise on value, quality, and suitability of your gems. Often gemstones can be reused from older jewellery and we can repolish, recut, and generally rejuvenate gemstones that may have become a little tired over the years. Please do make an appointment so that Helen is available to meet with you and advise. Call 01242 604141, or e-mail

If you source the stones for me, can I see them before they are set in my jewellery?

Yes, before the jewellery is made you will be asked to see and approve the gemstones that we are going to use. We have a huge selection of stones from which you can choose and we make sure that our clients are involved in every part of the process from choosing the gems, designing the jewellery and approving the appearance of the finished piece. We are happy to source gemstones for clients to consider before making a decision to purchase and we do this as part of our design consultation, with no obligation on the client to purchase before they are completely happy with the design of the finished piece.

I don’t know much about gemstones, how can you help me find what I really want?

We make every effort to ensure that you choose stones that you will be happy with and that the finished piece of jewellery is something that you will enjoy wearing for many years to come. Our exceptional stock of over 15,000 rare, beautiful and unique gemstones gives our clients an unrivalled selection from which to choose. Gems range in price from £5 to over £50,000, so there is plenty of choice for every budget. We get as much pleasure and satisfaction creating a ring for £500 as we do making a statement piece of jewellery for a client with many £1000s to spend.

What happens if the stone(s) that I would like to use aren’t available? (E.g. can’t get the right size)

We will ask our worldwide network of gem miners, cutters and dealers to seek out exactly what you require. If, despite extensive enquiries and an extended period of searching, we are still unable to find a specific gemstone for you, we will offer appropriate alternatives for your consideration.

Can I use a mix of stones?

Yes, we are happy to provide advice on which stones to use and which complement each other. Often certain coloured gemstones dramatically enhance the appearance of other stones they may be set with, making an exciting and unique combination. Have a look at our GALLERY where we have been bringing together some rare and unusual gemstones creating some stunning rings, bangles and bracelets. We have gemstones to suit every budget.

Is it normal to be nervous about commissioning a new piece of jewellery?

Absolutely! Commissioning a piece of jewellery is exciting, but it is normal to be a bit nervous about whether you will be thrilled with the finished result. We want you to be absolutely delighted with the outcome so we will keep you informed, involved and supported at all stages of the process, from the choosing of the stones and the style and metal of the setting to the day you take possesion of the finished piece.

Can you make something to match a piece of jewellery I already have?

Yes, of course. If you send us images and dimensions of your piece of jewellery and one or two photos of you wearing it, plus an idea of what you would like us to make for you, these will all help in the design process.

Can you replicate a piece of jewellery that I used to have or have seen elsewhere?

This depends on what you would like, but we will work closely with you to ensure that the design meets your expectations. If you can provide clear images of what you would like us to make for you, we can let you know if we can make it and how much is will cost.

I don’t live near Winchcombe and it’s difficult for me to travel, can I still commission a piece from you?

Definitely! We are happy to work with customers who are based anywhere in the world. Recent commissions have come from Australia, the USA, Europe and the Caribbean. We would be delighted to discuss your project over the phone, via Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger or any platform that suits you. Please call us on 07732 835704 or 01242 604141, or e-mail to and we can set this up.

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Our Website

How can I purchase a piece from your website?

Purchases can be made over the phone by credit or debit card. An additional charge to cover postage and insurance will be added (typically £7.50) to the retail price. Once funds have cleared into our bank account, the goods will be sent to you.

Payment by bank transfer is also possibly upon request.

I saw a piece on your website but it’s been sold, can you make another?

Yes, we can usually make a similar piece depending on the stone or stones used. Most diamond pieces are easily replicated but unusual coloured gemstones are by their very nature rare and often difficult to find. However, as we have more than 20,000 stones currently in stock and suppliers in all parts of the world, we can usually find that special gem to delight a client.

I saw a piece on your website that I really like, but can it be made with a different stone/different colour of metal?

Yes, if you see something on our website that you like, please let us know and we can adapt the design to suit you. We will be happy to recommend alternative gemstones from our extensive collection and can advise on what precious metal is best to use to enhance the gems you may choose.

There’s a pair of earrings that I really like on your website, but I would prefer them as a necklace, is this possible?

Yes, if you see something on our website that you like, please let us know and we can adapt the design to suit you.

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Are there any stones that you wouldn’t recommend to use?

Some gemstones are best avoided for rings, bracelets and bangles, because they are simply too delicate to withstand the impact of day-to-day wear. We will advise you on the suitability of many readily available gemstones and guide you in choosing the perfect gem for your piece.

Just Gems will not manufacture jewellery using artificial, synthetic or simulated gemstones or those which have been temporarily enhanced by fillers, surface treatments or colour improvement.

Are there any stones that can’t be used? Are there any that you think aren’t suitable for use in jewellery?

Just Gems will not manufacture jewellery using artificial, synthetic or simulated gemstones or those which have been temporarily enhanced by fillers, surface treatments or colour improvement.

What is the most durable stone to use?

Not all gemstones are equally durable and you will be advised, throughout the design process, on your choice of gem, precious metal and mounting style to ensure your finished jewellery will continue to sparkle for years to come. Typically diamonds, varieties of the mineral corundum (sapphire and ruby) and spinel are the most durable and best suited for rings worn every day. Other varieties of gem can be worn in rings but the setting may need to be more carefully designed for optimal protection.

How are gemstones measured?

Gemstones are typically measured by carat weight (this is an important factor in determining cost) and by mm dimensions. Additionally quality can be described in terms of cut excellence, clarity (degree of inclusions), intensity of colour, country of origin and degree of permanent treatment to enhance these properties. Cut and polished gemstones that are in their most original condition are more desirable than those which have been treated (heated, filled or irradiated).

What does ‘carat’ mean?

Carat is a measure of weight used for gemstones and 0.2g is equal to one carat. It can also refer to the measurement of the purity of gold.

Where do you source your gemstones from?

Over the years Just Gems has built up an extensive worldwide network of gemstone miners, cutters and dealers. We frequently attend gem shows, conferences, fieldtrips and courses around the world and travel many thousands of miles each year to find the finest gemstones at the most competitive prices for our customers. We maintain a large and varied stock of beautiful coloured gemstones for our customers to choose from.

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I saw a pendant/necklace etc on your website but it isn’t in the Bridal section, can I still rent this piece?

Many of the pieces on our website have been specially commissioned and are not available for sale or rental. Also not all our jewellery is suitable for rental. It is best to get in touch with us to discuss the piece you like and we will advise you about availability and alternative options. Our stock turns over rapidly and our goldsmiths may be working on new pieces which would be just right for you.

I have hired a necklace to wear on my wedding day but have tried it on and it doesn’t look right with my dress, can I swap it for something else?

Yes of course.

What happens if I change my mind about the jewellery that I have rented?

We will make every effort to help you find an alternative piece for your wedding day. If you decide that you no longer wish to rent the piece, then just let us know and we will remove your booking from our calendar. The rental fee you have paid to book the item will be returned in the form of a credit note which you can use for the hire or purchase of other goods.

I see that you have a rental service, I’m not getting married but I am attending a ball/wedding/event can I still rent a piece of jewellery from you?

Yes, the rental service is equally applicable to alternative special events.

If I hire more than one piece, is there a discount to do this?

No the rental price is based on the retail value of each piece you are hiring and so there is no discount factor for rental of multiple pieces.

When do I have to return the jewellery?

Within 7 days from the date the jewellery leaves Just Gems.

I hired something and I don’t want to give it back! Can I buy it? What happens if the piece I want to buy is already ‘booked’ to be hired by someone else?

Yes, you are welcome to buy the piece at the retail price less the rental and deposit you have already paid. If the piece is booked to be hired by someone else, Just Gems will notify that client that the piece is no longer available and return their rental payment in accordance with the Just Gems Terms and Conditions for the Hire of Goods.

I don’t live in Gloucestershire, can I still rent from you?

Unfortunately, at this time, the rental service is only available to customers who can collect and return jewellery in person at our shop at 27 North Street, Winchcombe

What happens if I like two necklaces and can’t pick between them, can I try these with my dress before finally deciding or do I have to pay to hire both?

Yes, you are welcome to borrow items for a brief period to try with your dress, however the full purchase price must be paid, to be refunded on return of both items.

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Does Just Gems offer a valuation service?

All jewellery manufactured by Just Gems and purchased from us can be supplied with a complimentary valuation for insurance replacement. We also offer a valuation service for jewellery not purchased from ourselves. Prices are at £65 for the first item and £45 for each successive item.

Do you restring broken necklaces and bracelets and how much does this cost?

Yes, Just Gems do offer a restringing service for real gemstone necklaces and bracelets. Prices start at £35 for a knotted strand of cultured pearls.

I have a piece of jewellery that I no longer like, what can I do?

We enjoy remodelling and rejuvenating our customers’ existing jewellery. These may be pieces that you have inherited or are no longer fit for purpose, as well as items which are out-dated and in need of transformation. We are happy to advise on the quality of the gems in your jewellery and whether a remodel is possible or even prudent in terms of value for money.

I’ve been given/inherited a piece of jewellery but I’m not sure what the stones are, can you help?

Yes, we will help identify stones in so far as this is possible, sometimes the mount and condition of the gems may make this difficult. There is no charge for our identification service.

I have lost a gemstone from a piece of jewellery, can you help?

Gladly! Off course we can replace your missing gemstone either from our unrivalled stock of more than 20,000 gemstones, or via our extensive network of specialist gem suppliers.

The stones in my jewellery have become loose, what can I do?

Gemstones that have become loose in their setting need urgent expert attention otherwise there is a risk that they may fall out and be lost. We have a team of skilled goldsmith who will be delighted to check your jewellery and advise on any repairs that may need to be done.

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Jewellery Care

How would you recommend that I store my jewellery?

Gemstones and metals have varying hardnesses and jewellery kept altogether unsegregated in one container will likely damage or be damaged by proximity to other pieces. For example diamond set rings and bracelets will certainly scratch other gemstones and pearls if they are allowed to rub together. A jewellery box with sections allowing pieces to be kept separate is the best option.

Alternatively, keep your jewellery in the individual boxes in which you brought them home.

I have jewellery that has become discoloured, why has this happened?

There are many reasons why gemstones can change in appearance after periods of wear. If you are concerned about your jewellery, please bring it along to our shop and we will be able to advise you on whether it is possible and how best to restore your jewellery.

How do I keep my jewellery, particularly the gemstones, clean?

Jewellery that is worn regularly can become dirty due to a build-up of tarnish, soap, make-up, moisturiser and organic debris. Regular cleaning in a proprietary gem cleaner using recommended gem cleaning liquid will help keep most jewellery bright and gems sparkling. Certain gems such as emeralds, opals, coral, ivory, amber, bone and pearls are more delicate and may require specialist cleaning. We are always happy to advise customers on how to best care for their jewellery.

Activities such as gardening, ceilidh dancing and impact sports can cause serious damage to gemset jewellery and it is recommended that jewellery be removed before participating in these type of pastimes.

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