Oil quartz cufflinks in silver


  • Oil Quartz
  • Silver

Cufflinks in silver. Rare oil included quartz crystals from Balochistan are set in individually handmade gold mounts. The crystals are approximately 2-3cm in all dimensions and contain golden droplets of light oil, along with darker bitumen and an aqueous solution. The inclusions fluoresce a strong bluish green under UV light. Each pair of cufflinks comes with a UV pen torch and an explanation of the crystal. These crystals are extremely rare and it is difficult to find such perfect examples as sold by Just Gems. The setting is precisely made to fit each unique crystal and has to be created without the application of heat, which could cause the crystal to fracture. Each piece is handmade in Scotland and hallmarked in Edinburgh. Pendants and earrings also available. A selection of crystals are available for bespoke designs.

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