Mrs K of Rio de Janeiro writes…

The necklace and bracelet are lovely! Thank you very much.

23rd April 2012

Miss W of Aberdeen writes…

Just a quick note to say how much I like my lovely engagement ring! I am so pleased with every aspect of the ring. Now I stare at it so much, I appreciate the value of having a ring that is beautiful from all angles. The details of the setting are extremely elegant, and not does it look good itself, but it also lets in lots of light to the stones. I am continually surprised by how bright and eye-catching the diamond can be (which I imagine is not just down to the quality of the stones themselves but also to the round brilliant shape and excellent cut quality), but also the sapphires too . It is also interesting note how the colour of sapphires can sometimes appear different in different light conditions.

I think the ring is a lovely balance between being a little bit different yet still a classic and timeless design. As you said, the ring doesn’t catch on anything (I even tried it on my tights) so I can wear it without worrying, which is just as important, so it won’t live in a box! I haven’t taken it off and I have had a lot of compliments on it.

So, many thanks for your patience and guidance in helping us identify what we wanted!

13th February 2012

Dr T of Aberdeen writes…

I firstly just wanted to say that the necklace is magnificent and I shall have a lot of pleasure wearing it. My daughter very aptly said ‘it’s just you’ when she saw it and I think that said it all.

5th January 2012

Ms S of London writes…

I am thrilled at the quality of the gems I chose and was equally thrilled not to pay high street jeweller prices!

5th January 2012

Mrs B of London writes…

I love my necklace - it’s FABULOUS and was much admired when worn on Saturday night for the first time.

5th January 2012