Mr S of Aberdeen writes…

The cufflinks are truly beautiful – thanks. Spent a good hour or so last night admiring them. Absolutely delighted.

6th August 2012

Mrs G of Aberdeen writes…

You made Pearl and Sapphire earrings for my daughter’s Graduation and restrung Pearls. She is delighted with them and they suit her perfectly. She also came first in her year in Geology at Glasgow so they were very well deserved!

6th August 2012

Mrs J of Aberdeen writes…

I opened my 50th birthday present in the company of very good friends and there was a gasp, I was completely over whelmed it was exactly as I had always dreamed of. Since I’ve been wearing the ring I can not take my eyes off it, it’s just so incredibly sparkly and the setting is beautiful, it looks stunning on my finger. It certainly catches the attention of complete strangers! I love the fact that it has a personal engraving inside which means so much to us both , it makes it extra special.

30th July 2012

Mrs A of Aberdeen writes…

Why do I go to Just Gems when there are other Jewellers in town? Many reasons, first and foremost Helen is very knowledgable and enthusiastic about Gems.

Her shop is a lovely place to visit. She has many unique stones and pieces of jewellery. Helen is very willing to help you choose a piece of jewellery or a unique gem from her large selection. She will help you design and have made a personal piece of jewellery.

I have had a beautiful Black Opal and Sapphire ring specially designed by her, it has been much admired.

I can thoroughly recommend her if you wish to have a unique piece of Jewellery.

25th April 2012

Mrs G of Newcastle writes…

I’m delighted with the pendant, it is such an unusual hue and sparkles and has been much admired.

24th April 2012